Kaya Balloons

  • About Hot Air Balloon Flights
    • How long does the flight take?+
      Our flights are minimum an hour long, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites. Balloons are flying crafts which depend on wind and do not have any steering mechanism.
    • Where do flights take place?+
      Flights take place in Cappadocia. The spectacular views of Fairy Chimneys and the valleys of the Cappadocia region will give you a unique experience.
    • Can balloon flights be organized throughout the year?+
      Yes, flights can be organized 250-300 days out of a year.
    • Why do you fly so early in the morning?+
      During the day, the sun heats the ground which in turn heats the air above causing thermals or columns of rising air. and this is a danger to hot air balloons. With security reasons, flights cannot be made during the day.
    • How high do balloons fly?+
      According to the meteorological conditions, the maximum level in daily flights varies. The legal limit is 800 meters on weekdays and 1400 meters on weekends. However, our pilots can sometimes fly only 1 meter above ground level to show you the most beautiful valleys and rock formations.
    • How far will we fly?+
      Hot air balloons are air vehicles that cannot be steered are subject to wind. The pilot can fly using different levels of wind throughout the flight. An average length of 6-7 km can be achieved during a 1 hour flight.
    • Where will we land?+
      Landing point cannot be determined at the beginning of the flight. The pilot will determine the landing point during flight planning however wind conditions and other factors may cause difference in planning. However, after 40 minutes of flight, a general landing site is determined and your pilot offers you the best option for safe landing.
    • What is the landing like?+
      The balloon flights are very comfortable in the sky. Depending on the wind conditions, the pilot will inform you during the landing. The baskets are designed for your comfort and safety throughout the flight. During landing you will be in the safe, seated landing position within the basket as instructed by your pilot. The landing is an exciting part of the experience. 
  • Clothing and Camera
    • What should I wear?+
      As balloon flights occur early in the morning, comfortable and sporty clothes should be preferred to keep you warm. We advise passengers flying during the winter to wear warm, comfortable layers.
    • May I bring a camera?+
      Yes...Who would want to miss the unique view of Cappadocia... Besides, our pilots will also be filming flight videos with go-pro camera during flight, which will be available after the flight.
  • Balloon
    • How big is the balloon?+
      There are various balloon sizes belonging to our company; in general, our biggest balloon is about 45 meters long and 35 meters wide.
    • How many passengers are in one basket?+
      The average number of people in the basket varies between 20 and 28 people. The basket as per design consists of 4 sections for the passengers. Therefore, in a basket for 20 people, 5 passengers can fly per section. These sections will be sufficient for you to have a comfortable flight.
    • Can anyone fly?+
      Anyone who is physically and mentally healthy can fly. However, the passengers must be able to stand unassisted for an hour and adopt the seated landing position. If the passengers have undergone any surgery in the near future, they should get approval from their doctor.
    • Are there any age or weight restrictions?+
      Children must be at least 5 years old and children under the age of 16 can fly with their parents. Passenger who are 120 kg and above are required to inform the operating department of our company.
    • Can pregnant women fly?+
      Unfortunately, for you and your baby’s safety we are unable to fly women who are pregnant. 
    • Can passengers fly the balloon?+
      No, passengers cannot fly the balloons. Please be sure that your pilot will perform his/her best in order to give you the best experience. At the same time your pilot will give you information about the region and the flight during your flight.
    • Are balloon flights safe?+
      Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity. All flights are under Turkish civil aviation control and supervision. Flights are opened within the framework of the safety measures and criteria established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In the case of a safety-related weather situation, flights will not be carried out on that day.
    • Are your pilots licensed?+
      All our pilots have a flight license with international validity. All pilots have to renew their licenses every 2 years. Thus, the performance and information of the pilots are kept up to date.
    • Is there insurance?+
      All passengers are insured by Eureko insurance under Aviation insurance.
    • What happens if flights are canceled due to adverse weather conditions?+
      In adverse weather conditions, for safety reasons, flights can be canceled either one day before or on the date of the flight. For passengers who have time can plan their flights for the next day. For passengers who do not have time will receive a full refund.
    • The weather looked nice and sunny so why was it cancelled?+
      The weather looked nice and sunny so why was it cancelled? Often, the air conditions that seem normal for the passengers may not be safe for the flight. These conditions are likely to increase in the rain or fog. Due to these reasons, flights are canceled and your safety is considered. Flights are planned as a result of precise evaluations in order to ensure that hot air ballooning is safe and sustainable in our region.
    • What should I do if I want to cancel my flight or change my date?+
      You can cancel your flight 3 days in advance without paying any fee. If you want to change the date of your flight, you can change the date 3 days in advance.