Kaya Balloons


  • Murat Çoban

    He was born in 1976 in Ankara and started his career at Murat aviation life in Turkish Aeronautical Association. Murat, who started to warm air ballooning in 2005, has an experience of 10200 hours flying hot air balloon pilot. At the same time, Murat, the instructor and shm control pilot, is also authorized to certify the flight controls of other pilots. He is an economics graduate and speaks English well.

  • Nejat Öksüz

    Nejat was born in 1966 in Ürgüp. He has been an aircraft maintenance technician and manager in Turkish armed forces for many years. Nejat, who has a flight experience of 2300 hours, is pilottur trainer at the same time. He speaks English at a good level. He is currently serving as general manager of the company.

  • Ersin Has

    Ersin, born in 1983 in Konya, has lived in America for many years and his education is completed in America again. He has 2500 hours flying experience and is a trainer in pilottur and an economics graduate. He speaks very good English and is also a professional tour guide.

  • Hakan İrisi

    He was born in Ürgüp in 1978 and has been in the tourism sector for many years. Hakan has an 2100 hours flight experience and speaks English well, as well as our instructor pilots. At the same time, the company's human resources manager.

  • Kamil Türkoğlu

    He is a business graduate with a 1400 hour flight experience in Ürgüp in 1990 and also a professional tour guide.

  • Osman Kır

    1986 born in Ürgüp, 1300 hours flight experience.

  • Atilla Yalınalp

    1974 Born in Kayseri, has 600 hours flight experience.

  • Ayhan Ayhan

    Born in 1965 in Ürgüp, Ayhan is a professional jewelry designer with 1220 hour flight experience. He speaks English.

  • Mehmet Duran

    1984 born in Ürgüp, has 1100 hours flight experience